The rest of the band were left devastated. We had no idea. We thought we were all in this together. I did not get over it’ for quite some time. I knew one or the other would regret this later on, And I was right….. but it wasn’t long, before the band sadly folded.

Moving on…. 1980’s brought an influx of outsider bands, that were brilliant…Gun’s and Roses, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Def Leppard. And the Fashion World were far more colourful than ever.

I got together a few other local musicians and went back to playing covers again, I was lead vocals. by this time. I had become a big fish in a little pool, and became frustrated as hell!!. I had left playing drums a while back now.

This was due to a friend of mine Dougie Cooper, a jazz drummer who worked one time in the London

Palladium Pit Orchestra, also with Jazz names Count Basie, and Duke Ellington in New York. He came back to his home town, Weymouth, and bought a Hotel along the Esplanade. At the time, Doug was giving me some power-diddle drum lessons. He did not know about my voice.

One night he came into a club, and heard me singing. I saw his mouth open, and in my break, he came up to me, and said, Rog’ trust me, forget the drums, man’ you have an awesome voice, concentrate on your voice. Finally I managed to locate another good friend of mine, Colin Stone, whom used to work for Fleetwood Mac, he was living in Red Oak, in Texas U.S.A and I knew through Colin, I could locate Keith Robertson another friend’ who worked for many well known bands, including Mac, and living in L.A. California. And it was Keith whom I wanted to track down. So Red Oak…next destination. By this time, working by day and playing in bands in the evenings, had me enough to live on’ for a good 6 / 8 months in the States. I arranged to meet Colin at Dallas Airport, and this was to be the best part of my life.

1.- Because I have always loved America, and 2.- the music world there, is fabulous. 3.- The weather suits me down to the ground as well. Determination!! Determination!!. Thanks to Colin, I caught up with Keith in Los Angeles, Ca. And it all started quickly, Keith said, I could kip on his sofa, until I

found a place to stay. This was perfect. C’mon he said, I have got to go to the club that I help manage. The club was well known, The Central, his club was just across the road on ‘Sunset Strip’ to the famous Whisky A GO GO. On entering the club, Keith introduced me first’ to Eric Burdon of the Animals, Mike Gibbons of Badfinger, and Ian Wallace of the same, plus the staff of the Central. It was because I was an old friend of Keith’s from England, that I could walk in to the Central, The Whisky, The Roxy, The Rainbow without paying anything. My name was carrying. I applied to an advert from a well known band called Arrow in L.A and I was chosen to front-line. The drummer’s name Garry Galloway, had hot connections. And as soon as my voice entered into the Arrow sound,.. it clicked. Same scenario as when Steve Perry joined Journey. Now we were playing every club going.

I was also mingling with BJ simply called, whom had written for Kenny Rogers. Also Leroy’ from the Tubes, Billy Connelly, Donna Summers manager Brian Rooney, Billy and the Beaters, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, Nigel Olsson, Elton John’s Drummer, also Elton’s Roadie Boobie Daniels, (we were inseparable) and countless others.

Story continued in next post…