I was followed to Zurich, then onto Winterthur, picking up some of the band, then down to Lucerne and on to Bern. This being because rehearsal rooms were changed from time to time, whilst interacting with recording studios.  Apparently, I was given the all clear, but was thoroughly checked out at the time. It wasn’t until the 6th visit and coming back into Heathrow where I was waiting for my baggage that a guy came up to me smiling and sweeping his broom. “Hello” he said, “how was your trip?” “Oh, fine thanks,” I said, looking at him.  “How was Zurich?” he followed. I was confused. I turned nervingly, and looked up at the arrivals board, Zurich was written up – “Oh yeah, ha yeah! Zurich was lovely I said.”  (Thinking yeah! He saw the sign board). He returned with another question, which threw me completely – “Going back by train again I suppose?” he said. My face dropped. “how do you know that?” I quizzed.  “Well, I am not really supposed to tell you, but it doesn’t matter now.  You or rather, your description and face was picked up by the powers that be.  So we were analysing your coming and going to Switzerland. We wondered whether you were a carrier of a sort. So they had you followed.  Its ok!” he said,  “you’re fine. Enjoy your trip back home.”  “Wow! So you’re job isn’t sweeping up then?” –  “Oh yes, he said, it’s one of my jobs, but we all have hidden qualities as to why we work here.”  “Oh! I get it.”

On the 7th trip over to Zurich, I found that Pete had arranged a friend to help with the project by playing some tracks on certain songs.  The friend turned out to be Mandy Meyers, a named lead guitarist ( ex- Whitesnake, Cobra,  Asia ). He did lay some nice tracks down to ‘Society Girl’ of which I wrote the lyric’s and the melodies. Pete also brought over Paul Sabu, a well known guitarist from the States to put tracks on.  It was beginning to take great shape and after the day’s recording, we went back to Lucerne to meet up with Mandy and Bill Wetton (ex bass player to King Crimson and Asia) at the well known Pickwick Bars, for a few bevvies!

I started to think that maybe my luck was changing now. Again, I learnt more from name players. Especially when they are taken out of the environment that they work in.

The following day I returned home again, but on the 8th trip, I was meant to be working for 3 days in the studio voicing some changes, and finalizing touches, but on the 2nd day, everything went bananas! Pete’ unbeknownst to his band or I, had tried to  ‘double deal’. By that, I mean we all knew that he had already signed a contract with Roba Company in Berlin, Germany, and we all thought it was going to be straight forward in being signed. Wrong! What we did not know, was that Pete had been very cleverly trying to wheel in a ‘name’ manager / Publisher/Label, who’s name I will just keep as Uwe.  Pete had been taking up a lot of Uwe’s time, by phoning and seeing him by appointment, trying to soften him into getting him to sign the band up, not  telling Uwe that he was already signed to a small company.  We then assumed what he was probably trying to get Uwe’ to do:  Buy out Roba, signing Pete to him, which is incredibly underhanded. When it all came to the crunch, with Pete having to put everything on the table, Uwe’ went berserk and Told Pete to get out!

Then Uwe’ told Roba company what Pete had been trying to do,. knowing full well that Roba too would drop Pete completely. Everything went dead in the water, another promising business turned to dust.

Once again, I came back to the UK, totally empty handed.  My old friends back home were having a decent time. Sure, they were working hard by day, but earning good money and free to do as they choose, every evening and every weekend. Many of them were getting enough for a mortgage.

I have chosen the worst business in the world and its widely known.  But it is my world.  My life has been music in a professional world.  I did not have school degrees of any sort.  But remember, I had loads of problems at school for being made a fool of, being called a midget, (even though the Doctors proved them wrong). On top of that (possibly due to the stress of kids being so cruel, because of my height), I had every illness going, and then some.

Story continues in the next post…