…quietly watching the wildlife around me. Rams fighting, interlocking horns, fighting for ground. Buzzards flying high above, with magnificent wing spans, gliding, searching. I realized that I was trying to sooth my pains away, here with nature, at its best.  Many of us still have no idea, just how intelligent the animal and bird worlds are.  The wild birds can recognize a human face, I have proved that.

Anyway, my old friends down the local were being helpful and encouraging.Then I started looking at the national music newspapers from London, things like ‘The Musical Express’ as there used to be many musical people, agents, bands, publishers etc. all looking for certain players or vocalists whether it be a group looking for a voice, or someone with a project looking for something special. All of these adverts were always in the back pages of these music papers and mags’.

So I started again, applying to certain posts, the first being a project in Switzerland.  I was very careful in answering particular posts as I could tell whether it was genuine or not, whether they had position or not. My answered reply, would be articulate.  Those were the days of cassettes and I used to send relevant cassettes to relevant companies or projects. Well, the Swiss project got back to me pretty quickly and an arrangement was made.

They flew me over to Zurich and the owner of the project came to pick me up from the airport, and off we went to a town called Zofingen, which wasn’t far from Zurich., explaining the details on the way. His name was Pete, a happy chap and serious with his project. When we arrived, I freshened up and immediately checked out his work, finding quite a few pot holes. But nothing that couldn’t be rectified.

I agreed to help, knowing that even if I amended the problems and made the songs run smoothly, I would not receive anything for it because the project has already been signed by Pete. I would give m experience anyway.

But at least it was another start for me. The project name was Touchdown. We started the following day in a rehearsal room at the top of a large warehouse, A friend of a friend gave Pete this area in which to work for free as the warehouse top floor was pretty much empty and bare.  If actually felt like something out of a scene from an espionage film somewhere in Russian!

Anyway, the project was simply a straight in your face rock score. The players were excellent and there was a lot of money involved in the project. Pete kept his cards close to his chest. He didn’t say too much about his intent. The keyboardist Urs and I became good friends and both respected each other’s talent and he listened to my musical experience through life. Pete was happy now with me on board and the direction the project was going, though it was to be done in stages. This meant that after I did what I had to do in the short space of time (Pete’s money flow), I was flown home until a later date. It was quite a break each time between coming and going. In fact, I was flown over the Alps 16 times in total! But it was much cheaper for Pete than to have me waiting around in a small hotel, of which Pete would be paying for. On the 6th trip to Zurich I was not alone, in fact, I was followed by MI5 or whatever branch, because my face came up on the screen often at Heathrow,  passport photos etc. Someone thought to have me followed, thinking “‘ullo ‘ullo what’s his game.” So unbeknownst to me, I had a shadow.  It wasn’t until quite a while afterwards that I found out, but now I know how James Bond felt!  Or maybe it was because of the airport dog sniffers, perhaps a dog smelt the weed on my clothes, because some of the band (were at the time) smoking these joint things.

Luckily enough, I never took it up. Tobacco I mean. So if I did not use tobacco, then I certainly wouldn’t smoke the weed either. I don’t mind a drink though! But one cannot stop smoke from entering onto one’s clothes. On 2 occasions coming back from Zurich I had my suitcase damaged, a gaping hole at one corner, and a second time returning back there was a fair size rip in the middle of case. And if that was the case, then that would explain things.  I actually put it down to the machinery, or bag handlers being rough.  I had no idea.

Story continued in next post…