I told them, that I had asked numerous people along the way, but the replys were always the same, Huh!! No Anglais!!  So thank you very much indeed, for your help.  We all got on the right train, and this time, I found a seat, and a place for my cases. Services came, and I ate and drank. But onwards the journey went.

All this time, I could not get Marino and Joel out of my mind, and how they stitched me up. I knew they were not going to phone me at all.  I finally got home on the 23rd December. The 24th of December I didn’t see at all. I slept 24hrs after eating and drinking.

Finally surfacing on Christmas day, feeling absolutely terrible, and depressed.  Though it was so great to be home with the family.  And my thoughts were correct.  Marino nor Joel, phoned….  I had been set up.

It was this particular Project  that almost made me lose the will to carry on.  I didn’t just take time out, I was almost burnt out.  But…after convalescence, things began to heal,  I got up,  brushed myself down, and carried on regardless……to the sounds of Music…………………

But in the 1960’s things began to change in the Music Industry of Great Britain, and this had a serious knock-on effect for many ‘many .. Talented Musician’s, Bands, and Groups, with their new material + different styles of music…  And the Public were to lose’ the freedom of their OWN choice’  in promoting the Acts’ that they truly love’ and support.  The Public love to intermingle with players individually, personally, at the Gigs.

But this was very cleverly taken away from them,..by Television.   At the beginning, ….. the Record Companies’,  Decca,  EMI,  Capital,   A+M Records,  Warner Brothers, Columbia,  Arista Records,  Epic, and many many’ others, had’ what they called  ‘Talent ‘Scouts‘.  These Scouts were commissioned to go around the Country, seeking out Bands, Singers, Entertainers, Groups,  etc etc,. that were well loved by the public. These Acts were ‘well supported’ for their ongoing Talent.  And it was the job of the Talent Scouts to find the ‘Star Quality’ ones,  that have the ability to pack-out Venues’ Cinemas, Clubs, Large Halls, Colleges, Universities.  The ‘Scouts‘ would be listening for the ‘buzz, or were being told of major queue’s outside certain Venues, because the Band/s were awesome’.  Forever searching hot new talent, that were  ‘Treading the Boards’  This was a ‘code’ for hard-worked Entertainers, ‘Treading the Boards’  for those whom knew the trade well, at grass roots, roughed it, slept it’,  sleeping in their Vehicles, or (B+B for those’ whom could afford it), especially if they were playing at another Venue’ the following night’ further down the County .

People back then.. had lovely choices.  Big Bands, Jazz Bands,. Rock Bands, ‘Underground’ Bands, Pop bands, Skiffle groups, Country Singers and Country Bands, Soul,,.Ska, etc.  A great Variety of Sounds. Then,..  this ‘one band‘  whom tried so hard to get noticed, came across an idea.  That idea changed things.  They found someone who would fund an Album to mix and master then took it straight to a Record Company, for a better deal.  This had never been heard of before.  All this particular Record Company had to do with this one was copy + distribute to the Public / Record shops,.. without spending huge money on recording studios. But when this hit the Newspapers it conjured up a huge influx of Singers and Bands, up and down the Country (whom could afford it) heading for the Record Companies, to get a Recording Deal, with their own Recordings.  It had gotten so crazy,.. that in the end, the Companies had to Bolt the front door.

Then‘….. something happened, and changed everything forever.  And I remember it well…… The real Talent, whom had worked the course, the proper way, -the Harden way,  the Trooper’s way, had now found, a bigger task in front of them.  This move’ came in the way of the BBC’s  The Hughie Green Talent Show.  Hughie Green made a ‘name for ‘himself’  just to compère a talent show.  But he and his business team, quickly discovered, that ‘they’ could commandeer the Music Industry,.  Now ‘they’ could sign‘  the talent, of which ‘they‘ decide  for  ‘their’  shows.. The public enjoys anything new’ if its good, not knowing of the damage’ it would do’ to the Industry. So it worked.  The BBC and Hughie Green + Co, got away with.  Then came  ‘Thank your Lucky Stars’  ‘New Faces’ etc etc.