But all these shows were tacky, and cheaply made. Even making stars of little kids still in nappys. As quaint as it was, it was killing the Real Music Musketeers – and the Public’s own choiceof Artists.

Eventually.. more new kids arrived on the block.   A Trio of Writers whom could and did monopolized + capitalized the Music Industry. Their names were Mike Stock, Matt Aitken + Pete Waterman.

The choices were narrowed even more,, using their own Artists, and using the same drum pattern, the same old shuffle, the same conveyor-belt fall offs. Some of the Acts were ok… even lasted a few years more, because the ‘Writing three’ could now contribute more, for longevity.

No other project, Singer, Band, or Group * * * could get in, unless they gave their ‘rights away’ to these people running these shows. And change everything they had, to the way of these ‘troublesome Dudes’.

Sir Elton John, and BBC Radio One DJ’s among ‘many other’ big names have already ‘voiced’ their disapproval over the things, and these people’ whom were killing the music trade for their ‘own gain’. But now its the turn’ of a new regime….

Simon Cowell and the ‘Adams Family’.  Now these people really are damaging. What is happening… Well,.. if you go back to the beginning of the Music Industries, and the ‘Talent Scouts’ .. who’s jobs would be to check out ‘all’ talented Troopers, whom have ‘Walked the Boards’ up and down the Country, and have taken everything on the chin. More downs than ups, but soldiered on, because they were solid.

This was talent whom had the belief to weather any storm, with their articulate projects. Label Companies needed projects like these, knowing that they really meant business. THIS!!! is why ‘our Bands and Groups of yesterday, are still here,.. still’ with us today’ in the here and now… Bands and Singers whom I use to know as a child…

We identify with them, they are family. We hail them, because they are side by side with us ‘through our years’ The public, can STILL go to one of their concerts today. How brilliant is that!!! The Acts were groomed and prepared in the rightful way. They planned and scrutinized everything properly.

But with all these cheap Television shows today, pushing their latest ‘sacrifices, fresh from their production lines, whom will probably last a couple of years, if they are lucky. (But’  by the time the public’s youngsters of today *get a lot older*, these poor star-hopefuls whom the ‘Television judges’ have their contracts strangled as well,  will be long gone.

There won’t be many bands, or Singers etc,. etc,. (if any)   that the public youngsters can relate too, in their latter years. ‘This has all ready been ‘noted’ since at least the 90’s. Cowell and family, will bind up any project, whom  ‘they’  decide to push.

Then crucify them, with unimaginable work, and time scales, in order,  to ‘double their own greed’, in as quick of time as possible.   Leaving the Acts under immense strain, drugged up through stress, and possible health problems.

Most of these star hopefuls on these Talent Shows are unprepared and in-experienced. This is one of the main reason, they don’t last long.  But these judges couldn’t care less, because they have won.  These Shows are all about and ‘only’ about’ ‘the Judges’. Some of these statements may be in controversy, but’ all true.

Worse still…. the young up and coming songwriters of today’ are being ‘conned‘ by these so called’ Agent type Companies online ‘working Worldwide’ plying their’ wares, promising the Writers, everything for a ‘small fee’ or a cut price deal…. ‘These Companies’ are making Millions.………………..And the Writers or Bands are still’ nowhere.