He was born a natural percussionist. From the age of seven years, he was tapping on tabletops, and anything with flat surfaces, in time with any style of music coming from the Radio. Later bought his first full Premier drum kit, and rehearsed (self taught) in a spare room of his parents house. Within five months he was out gigging with his first five piece cover band with accomplished players, playing English and American Rock Music.

They called themselves Ruby Spoon. It was not long before the word was out how good they were. A local Firm called J C Agency, allocated work for them. More work now than they were already getting. Now they were playing all over the South West of the UK and some parts of London, Wales and Mid England. Also acquired to back many Celebrity Rock bands, including Pink Floyd. They also backed ‘Yes’ in the Weymouth Pavilion, Dorset. Ruby Spoon then backed Roy Wood’s band in Queens Hall, Barnstable. ‘Yes’ had walked in to see their friend Roy, and witnessed Ruby Spoon in action again… this time in full swing, pulling the crowd. When Spoon had finished the set, Jon Anderson and Steve Howe and drummer Bill Bruford came over and congratulated their performance.

They invited Spoon back to their studios at a Farm outside Barnstable in a area called Churchill, where they were creating their next new Album, simply called: The ‘Yes’ Album. Ruby Spoon were the first people to hear the Album before the World. It was only a few days later, that J C Agency were excitedly phoning Ruby Spoon to say that ‘Yes’ manager wanted to showcase them, for a signing. Apparently, when Jon Anderson returned to London, he had talked with his manager Roy Flynn about Ruby Spoon. After hearing the news of a possible break of going Pro, two of the Spoon did not want to attend the showcase.

I N J I N  started playing with other bands, using different techniques, but was getting very restless. He was focused and started writing his own material/work, but was not getting enough support. His voice had become quite powerful too. Both his mother and Father could sing really well and his mother sang in public places. So naturally it became the next step for  I N J I N . He was a big fish in a little pool and still wanted to go professional. Finally, a friend had given  I N J I N  a phone number of someone he knew from a while back, Keith Robertson. Keith had got a job with Fleetwood Mac’s road crew.  I N J I N  knew Keith who was now residing and working in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Within months  I N J I N  was on a plane heading for L.A. airport. Keith would be there waiting for him.

I N J I N  loved everything about America, especially the music scene.  I N J I N  was to sing with a little known band called Arrow, made videos and won band contests, he also appeared on Rock Radio Station K-Earth 101FM. The drummer’s friend Sol had a brother, an attorney, who knew music producer mogul Joel Coen. Joel had been producer for David Soul, Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night, Steely Dan and others. These days, Joel has joined up with his brother Ethan as film directors, The Coen Brothers at the time, were filming their very first film on location in the Philippines. Joel had things to do back home in Hollywood, and received a phone call from Sol in regards to Arrow.

Joel came to see Arrow rehearse, and offered a five year contract straight away. Meantime I n j i n had met and became friends with Peter Banks, Yes’ original Guitarist (among many), who went on to create the band Flash and another band called Empire.  I N J I N  must be one of the very few people whom Peter had given a cassette of all the rehearsed songs for the Empire album. The Empire album did not materialized.

I N J I N  was also called to Germany, Switzerland and Italy, to write for certain projects and name bands. Working with Mandy Meyers (ex Cobra and Whitesnake), top American Guitarist Paul Sabu and Joel Flateau who was also a well known film actor when he was a boy in the famous film, ‘Fanny’ featuring Maurice Chevalier.

I N J I N  now has an Album out called ‘Tennessee, written and produced by himself.